So what does it feel like two months into the MDship of Wild Card?  I thought I would get my thinking down and reflect on where I am on that journey.

Some of you may know, we took the opportunity around Covid to do things differently.

We brought together our teams from Wild Card (London) and Wild West (Bristol and Truro) to provide a new and refreshed Wild Card.  We reviewed the shape of the business to ensure we are in the strongest position to continue providing exemplary thinking and service to our clients.  The past months have also illustrated how easily and effectively we can work as a joined up team, albeit from different locations in the UK.  Our offices are still an important focal point for creative development and client meetings; equally we now have confidence in the technical ability to work remotely.

Wild Card and indeed Wild West have been in my PR blood for 18 years – almost my entire career has been with this awesome business.  I did spend a couple of years at another agency, honing my craft, but came back in 2009 to head up the west country team Wild West.

It’s an honour, if not a little terrifying, heading up the new Wild Card. I bring with me my own passion, purpose and drive to do brilliant business with a fresh perspective.  Kate (our founder) kindly referred to me as an ‘inspirational lead’ and I will aim to always deliver against that.

So what has been happening?  Getting to know our full spectrum of clients, UK wide, has been epic – and what a great time of year to get involved as right now it’s all about 2021 brand planning.  Arguably this is when some of the most exciting stuff happens, with the strategic and creative team in full flow.  New considered communication plans for our current clients are being developed alongside those for new clients wanting us to help them tackle this crazy world we are now living in.

And I won’t lie, it has been tough.  We have seen other agencies close and friends and family personally affected by what’s going on.  We all have learnings from this process and it’s how we now use these going forward which is important.

And what’s next?  For me, it’s about our team and a sense of true purpose, to do things brilliantly together.  To deliver strong and strategic programmes, to support us and our clients through this journey.  We have needed to be agile in our approaches, and that will continue.

Watch this space for our B Corp announcement (for those who don’t know about B Corp – see here).  Those of you who know me, know I began this journey about 12 months ago.  Covid got in the way, but we are now at the final stages of accreditation and I am so proud of the business and the team in achieving this.  It is a commitment to how we do business, balancing purpose and profit.   We can always do better and that obsession to always improve and be the very best we can, is what makes our team at Wild Card so strong.