March is B Corp month – and it’s all about ‘behind the B’.


We asked our Director of People and Operations Kath to tell us a little about the assessment process:


“At first sight, the assessment looked huge. As with all big jobs, breaking it down and focusing on each Impact Area individually worked really well. It gave me a real opportunity to think about how well our business already engages within each IA (Impact Area), so the assessment was almost a celebration before we even progressed to our certification.


I am the Director of People and Operations so I am very close to the Governance and Workers elements of the assessment and knew we were strong there.


For me, reviewing Community and Customers was a real eye opener, as I am less close to those aspects on a daily basis. Learning more from our client facing team on how we are working collaboratively with our clients and in our community to support carbon neutrality, food poverty, the environment and so much more, gave me a huge sense of pride.


Gathering our information for the assessment is a celebration in itself. And a learning because the level of detail the assessment requires, gives you an aspirational list for ongoing development.


We achieved certification for Wild West in Nov 2020 and are awaiting our assessment interview for Wild Card. I’m really looking forward to being ready to report on our progress towards Carbon Neutrality for 2030 and our overall BIA (Business Impact Assessment).”