It has been a long time coming, but the announcement we have all been waiting for came last month, and we finally have a roadmap to get us back to some form of normality. We can hear a group sigh of relief coming from across the UK, and cannot wait for that first non-Zoom company meeting…


With June 21st (fingers crossed) fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about how consumer behaviours are going to be changing – especially in the short term. We need to think about how we can future proof social strategies across the board, as no doubt people are going to be out and about and leaving the “online” social at the door – so they can have a “real” social experience.


During the pandemic, our brands at Wild Card were all positively impacted in terms of consumer engagement and reach on social. People didn’t have much else to do, other than to go online and escape the daily mundane. Brands were quick to jump onto this and ensure that they were offering up supportive, purpose-led content that was thoughtful of the current situation, and which consumers really resonated with.


But now that we are going to finally be “let out”, here are a couple of social media trends to be aware of to ensure we don’t totally lose our consumers…


  • Oncoming Social Jet Lag


Before the pandemic hit, there was an upwards trend towards passive networking – the tendency for consumers to take in content but not engage. This was then positively impacted by COVID-19, with people keen to engage and create once more. Once restrictions are removed, it is likely that we will see a stark return to this type of networking OR consumers switching off altogether. How can you look at reporting that doesn’t rely on engagements? Think about how long someone watches a video, or how many times a piece of content was saved. This data can be as insightful as how many likes it received. Alternatively, proactively think about how you can ensure your brand is still front and centre for those who may want a little time off their social – dare we even say… experiential?


  • A Little Bit More Conversation


As we’ve mentioned, consumers have been more interested than ever to hear from brands and engage with content being shared. Social media should be a form of instant two-way dialogue with the audience. As we move towards June, think about how you can keep this going. It is no longer about shouting the loudest to get your message across. Think about how you can bolster real, authentic, interesting conversations with your audience. Nurturing and building these relationships is the key to increase sales and brand equity


  • The Battle of the Big Players


TikTok is always going to be remembered as the social network that dominated lockdown. Personally, I have become addicted to scrolling through endless lip-syncing videos to pass the time. However, as predicted, Instagram did not stand back and allow TikTok to take all the glory, releasing the very competitive and compelling Reels. Both networks are investing heavily in being the bigger player. But for brands, it is about sitting back and really thinking about the end user and social objective you want to achieve. Try not to be taken along for the ride on a journey that may come to an end as quickly as it started.


  • Nostalgic Marketing


A trend we have heard mentioned a few times is the return to the nostalgic. With consumers already talking about “the good old days” and the positive emotions connected with this, there is clearly an appeal to think about what life was like pre-COVID-19. How can you brand create the strong positive emotion and give that sentimental boost?


  • The Three Cs


Ultimately, we know that the shadow cast by COVID-19 is not going anywhere for a while. Consumers are not going to forget it any time soon, as much as we want to! Brands need to ensure they are continually adapting the tone of their comms to be appropriate for how life unfolds post-COVID-19. For us, we don’t see the three C’s going away anytime soon – and never should they – so how can you continue to shape conversation around Community, Cleanliness and Compassion.


For further information, or for a chat about how you can future proof your social media strategy, get in touch today.